Who are We?

We as in Team DiodeMatrix are a company located in the Netherlands.
Something we have seen happening lately is that new games and software are becomming moneygrabs of big company's.
That's something we hate...
Join us in the quest for making games we truely enjoy!

Our Community

Diodematrix thinks it's important to connect to each other. So we created an open community for everybody to enjoy!
Our community is the place for developers and gamers alike.
Here you can share and create posts.
And most importantly ask your questions.


Our Games

We at Diodematrix love to play and create games! Everybody who partners with us will be ensured that we put quality as highest standard.
All our online based games will release "dedicated server" software so you'll will always enjoy your games as much as the first day you bought them.


our work

Our Platform

We have the best platform for indie developer teams or freelancers to work on open or private projects.
So when you started a project and need help than bring it to our platform!
If you choose to bring it to our platform we will publish it for you with a custom agreement. We take care of taxes, media and even support. At the end of the day everybody gets their fair-share :).


Create something Stunning with us

We have the perfect working environment for any kind of dev-team, freelancer or a complete studio!
When you choose to partner with us you'll get many extras! You may customize your stay at anytime.
Curious what we have to offer?

For more information don't hesitate to click Get Started. And feel free to contact us!
it might take some time for us to contact you back :)

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Our Partners

We have some good friends and we recommend you to check them out!

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