DIODEMATRIX | Major changes & Discontinued services

DiodeMatrix | Major changes & Discontinued services has undergone some big changes lately. This is because of some unfortunate data-loss. All source code of the projects DiodeMatrix hosts are permanently gone and we have financially compensated our partners for this loss. Instead of building all of our services from scratch again we started using opensource platforms.

DiodeMatrix now hosts nothing anymore and uses third-party servers. 

Discontinued Hosting Services

Diodematrix has permanently ceased all hosting services this includes but is not limited to:

  • Virtual Private Servers
  • FileSharing Servers
  • Content Delivery Services*
  • OWP & CWP Project servers (SVN-Workspace)
  • Community Downloads*

all data on these servers where purged and it is not possible to retrieve anything. 

*CDN is now provided by Part of DiodeMatrix Networks.

*All safe community downloads can be found in our legacy downloads server archive here.

Closed Delivery Domains:


visit the notice here

Discontinued Communication Services

Our communication services for mail & SMS have been discontinued. 

We now use third-party cloud services for internal & external mail. Semi-public/invite-only mail registrations for or email-addresses are closed. These email addresses where used to access our Workspace platform. Mail sent to these addresses will be forwarded to the email-address the user provided.

Closed Domains:


visit the notice here

Discontinued DiodeMatrix Services

We have set up allot of alternatives to the services we provided for developers & users that had to be discontinued. These can be found on our website. 

Closed Services Domains:


visit the notice here

Discontinued Community Services

DiodeMatrix donated server room and server power to the Community. The community was in no way affiliated with DiodeMatrix. Community.DiodeMatrix was a place that everyone with the same interests could share their data. This community has been discontinued, but we took the time to archive the most viewed posts. View them here. We now have a new community baked in to

all community accounts have been purged. 

The Community downloads & uploads servers have also been discontinued. Some of the safe downloads are available here (archive). Or visit the new DiodeMatrix download server here

Closed Community Domains


*you will now be redirected to the new downloads server

visit the notice here

The future of DiodeMatrix

DiodeMatrix will soon announce what it will do in the future. But for now we recommend you to lay back and enjoy a good drink with a good song.

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Im just doing my job…


Im just doing my job

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