Legal information

I Privacy regulations

Because of the new privacy rules we have to show our customers what we do with their data.
We broke it down for you so you know exactly what we are up to :). First of all, we don't run ads on our website so there are no cookies regarding that.
No trackers no nonsense.
Second of all your data is not for sale. We will never give your data to partners or companies buying data. Trust us on this one, we know how it feels when you find your data at places where it shouldn't be.

II What we collect

We collect data at 3 locations: Contact forms, Community accounts, Support accounts and Workspace accounts.
Everything you fill in a contact form will be kept in our database until you end contact.
(sometimes this includes your IP address to make sure you aren't exploiting our service or sending to much requests)
Your contact ends if you haven't sent any emails/messages back in a long time (+-30 days).
Everything you fill in for your community account will be saved +- 2 years, and this will get deleted if you are inactive. We will only save your community nickname so you can reinstate your account at any time. But with an easy request that can be removed too.
Our community systems keep IP addresses for remembering passwords and protecting your account from attacks.
We keep support data so we can help you in the future but this can also be removed with a simple form.

III Security

All the accounts registered on, and are stored on the databases at DOMAIN.COM. They should follow the highest standards for keeping your/and our data safe. is stored on a full LUKS Encrypted server developed by DIODEMATRIX. Nobody is able to access it without the credentials you created for the projects.
NOTE! all passwords and some other information are hashed and not able to be retrieved. Only resets possible

IV Request form

down below is the request form for removing/changing or reviewing data we have about you. It will be sent to the email linked to the data that's being requested. If there is no email available on record then we will have to take it further and you will have to send an email to There may be a chance we need to ask for some form of identification.

Cookie information

Cookies across *

Here are all the cookies we use on all the sites.

Download cookie-list pdf


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